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Tinting types for your car

Tinting types for your car

Mr Autoglass & Trim: Tinting types for your car

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Tints to apply to your car

It’s no doubt that cars have changed lives dramatically because they have given a lot of people an easier way to reach their destinations quickly. With cars, people can bring their belongings without worrying about accidentally losing them somewhere. However, what will make your belongings extra safe is by tinting your car’s windows and windshields. 

Car tints provide privacy and keep your family safe by making it difficult to see through the glass who’s inside the car and who’s driving the vehicle. This will prevent carnapping and other incidents that usually happen on the road. 

If you want to be safe and protected when you drive your car, it’s ideal to apply tinting on your vehicle’s windows and windshield.

Here are some of the types of tinting you can choose from:

Dyed window tinting  

One of the most affordable types of tinting is dyed window tinting. Although it’s cheap, this tint can block sunlight because of the multiple layers of tint. Heat is absorbed by the dye, preventing it from entering your vehicle. 

However, this type of tint does not guarantee a high level of protection compared to other tints which makes sense because the price is low.

Metalized window tinting 

Metalized window tinting absorbs heat by reflecting sunlight to prevent it from coming into the vehicle. Instead of using dye like the first one, this type of tint uses metallic particles which are invisible to the eye and implanted into the film. 

Aside from absorbing heat, this type of tint also adds strength to the windshield and windows. What’s more, metalized window tinting has a higher scratch-resistance feature, making your windshield and windows protected from any scratch.

Hybrid window tinting

As its name suggests, hybrid window tinting is a combination of dye and metallic tinting. One of the most common types chosen by many car owners is the combination of titanium and grey dye. What makes this popular is because it’s not too dark nor reflective, making it the perfect tint if you want privacy.

Carbon window tint 

Carbon window tint has a matte finish, making it look professional and attractive. The carbon content of this tint helps block 40% of the UV rays and IR radiations that cause heat inside the vehicle. 

Crystalline tinting

No one likes tinting that’s too dark, but there are still others that do. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want a dark tint, then crystalline tinting is the perfect one for you. Although it’s lighter compared to other tints, this type still blocks ultraviolet radiations and solar heat.

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