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Onsite Mobile Auto Glass Chip Repairs

Chips and fractures in your vehicle’s windshield can occur for any number of reasons, but don’t always require that the glass be replaced. If the chip or crack is small enough (no larger than the size of a loonie) modern technology allows us to treat the damaged area and “heal” it with a special resin that is designed to be compatible with your vehicle’s glass. Larger cracks will probably require a full replacement.

Most chip repairs can be completed in 30 – 60 minutes, and because repairing is much cheaper than replacement you will save money, as well! Most chip repairs can be completed for about $60, but give us a call or use our quote form to be sure, as the prices may vary.

Mr. Autoglass & Trim: Windshield chip repairs and tips

Aside from your car’s exterior, windshields are in place to protect your car from harsh weather conditions from the environment. It keeps away dirt and debris from entering the interior and preventing further dirt accumulation. However, this exposure still damages your windshields to an extent that can affect your car’s overall appearance and functionality. 

Once you spot the damages on your car’s windshield, it’s time to pay your trusted mechanic at Mr. Autoglass & Trim a visit. Addressing any wear and tear damages immediately can prolong the material’s life as well as keep you safe while driving. 

Why windshields get damaged

There are a variety of reasons why windshields get damaged and it’s a hassle to repeatedly visit a mechanic to get it fixed. Knowing what can cause these damages to your vehicle windows can help you understand ways on how to avoid getting scratches and dings on them. 

Here are some of the most common ways that cause damage to your windshields and what you need to do in order to prevent these situations: 

Gravel roads

Small debris from gravel roads is lifted to the air whenever cars cruise these pathways carelessly. Even the smallest debris can scratch your windshield without you even noticing. It’s a hassle when small scratches accumulate and you have no option but to deal with it and head straight to your auto glass mechanic.

Although it is inevitable for you to completely avoid gravel roads in your travels, you can prevent large scale damages to your windshield if you keep a safe distance from other cars when driving. Moreover, it’s also best for you to drive slowly on gravel roads not only to prevent damages to your windows but to your tires and car exterior as well. 

Driving behind construction vehicles

Most construction vehicles carry a lot of dirt and debris on them especially because they transport these materials from one place to another. These materials may be minuscule in size but these are enough to cause damage to your windshield especially when the wind blows and carries the debris in your direction. 

You can prevent these materials from damaging your windows by switching lanes and generally avoiding driving behind these vehicles when you’re on the road. Always keep an eye out on the road and look for construction trucks around so you’ll be aware of which direction to go while driving. 

Subpar glass materials

Most windshields are manufactured using high-grade materials that are designed to withstand pressure and elemental damage. When your car windows are made from these durable materials, it’ll take a while for them to take beating from the harmful weather. However, not all windshields are made from the same durable materials. Some are created using subpar materials that can easily crack and chip even with the softest and lightest pebble.

Although you wouldn’t really know this when buying a car because you’ll mostly be concerned about the vehicle performance and features. You’ll only find out once the first damages would appear. When this happens, opt to replace your windows with high-grade ones. 

Here at Mr. Autoglass, we can provide you with various options that would suit your needs best. There is a wide range of windshields available that’s affordable and durable. Get your car windows replaced here at our workshop and we’ll make sure that these will last longer than the previous ones. 

Poor installation

Safety is the number one priority when driving and improper windshield installation is a huge safety concern. When the windows aren’t bolted and fitted properly into your car’s frame, they will vibrate and come off eventually while driving. This can cause severe accidents and damages while you’re on the road even when you’re driving carefully. 

Not all workshops are as meticulous in their jobs as the expert technicians in Mr. Autoglass. Here in our shop, we’ll make sure that your windows are bolted safely in their respective places to avoid accidents on the road. Moreover, we’ll even test drive it before giving it back to you just to make sure everything is in place. 

If you had your windshield installed in other places but aren’t satisfied with the results, you can visit our workshop for a consultation. We’ll fix any problems that may have resulted from the previous installations. 

Unforeseen accidents

There are times when you’re forced to park your car in open areas where anything can happen especially in active neighbourhoods. You’ll never know when a frisbee or a basketball would hit your windshield accidentally because there are people playing near your car. 

These are unforeseen circumstances where no one really is to blame. However, the damages can cost you tremendously in repairs. You can avoid these accidents if you strategically parked your car in peaceful areas with minimal activities. 

This means you should avoid parking in streets and alongside parks. If you can, find an indoor parking spot to keep your vehicle safe. The safest place to park your car is in your garage just so you won’t have to worry about accidents that are out of your control. 

Harsh weather conditions

Even the most durable and expensive cars can get damaged from harsh weather conditions. What makes it even more challenging to battle environmental damages is its unpredictability. You can never expect when hail would hit your city or when the snow would fall. Additionally, you can’t also avoid the sun’s heat every day. 

These harsh weather conditions can cause your windshield to crack and chip and when it does, it’ll be expensive to repair the damages. It’s a challenge to completely avoid these conditions but you can keep your car safe when parking it in indoor spaces and garages. 

Parking under trees

Parking under the shade of trees can help you combat damages from the sun but this only exposes your car to other debris like branches, nuts, animal droppings, and other debris coming from above. It exposes your windshield to severe cracks and chips especially if the object is coming from way up high.

It’s best to park your car inside the garage when not in use to prevent any damages you have no control over. 

First aid for windshield damage

Even if you follow the tips above up to a tee, there’s no assurance that your windshield will be protected all the time. There will always be a time where damages may occur especially when you’re using your car every day. 

When this happens, immediate care should be the top priority. However, it takes time to schedule an appointment with mechanics. At times you’ll have to wait for days before proper action is done to your car. There are first aid treatments that you can do to these scratches and chips while waiting for your schedule at Mr. Autoglass & Trim including:

Packing tape is your friend

Once your windshield is chipped, it makes the area vulnerable to fracture and structural damages. You need to keep debris and dust away from it to avoid further damages. Do this by putting a layer of clear packing tape on top of the damage to prevent debris from entering the crevices. Moreover, you should never use coloured tapes to cover up the damages. Make sure to use clear ones to keep your vision unhindered while driving. 

Postpone your car wash schedule

Avoid washing your car when there are clear damages to your windshield. The chipped and cracked areas are already weaker and more vulnerable compared to other areas of the window and applying cold water can make matters worse. Cleaning your car can open up the cracks wider, ultimately destroying the material. 

Don’t use any adhesives to glue the cracks together

Do-it-yourself solutions aren’t going to help you cut down on repair costs. This will only worsen the situation and will cost you a lot more when it’s time for you to visit the auto glass repair shop. 

Moreover, steer clear of scratch repair kits you can purchase at car repair shops. This kit is helpful for buffs and stains on your car exterior but would only do more damage to your windshield. There are special repair processes that need to be done on your car windows that simple fixes can’t address. You’ll need an expert glass technician at Mr. Autoglass & Trim to help you out with this problem.

What you need to do after the damage is done

If you spot damage to your windshield, apply the clear packing tape first aid onto the area to prevent further damages. Once you’ve secured these chips and cracks, schedule an appointment at Mr. Autoglass & Trim. We’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your schedule. 

Please refrain from using your car in between the appointment to prevent further damages to the area. This will help lessen the cost of your repairs. 

Moreover, you’ll also be given an option if you want to drive to the workshop or let our team work on your car in your area. This depends on the extent of damage to your windshield. Please provide us with photo evidence of the damage so that we can assess the situation properly.

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