24/7 Mobile Auto Glass Replacement

Wherever you are in the Durham, Clarington and Scugog Regions, we will come to you at any time to repair or replace your automotive glass. We treat all of our customers like part of the family, keeping our prices low and our services professional and friendly. Does your vehicle have a cracked, chipped or broken window? Contact us 24/7 for prompt service.

Our services include:

  • Windshield and windscreen replacement
  • Chip repairs
  • Rear and side glass installations
  • Side mirrors
  • Custom cut glass for construction, farm and heavy equipment
  • Door glass regulators
  • Fleet accounts welcome
  • Use only OEM suppliers for windshields and materials
  • Insurance claim service (ask us about your deductible)
  • Free mobile service 24/7


At Mr. Autoglass & Trim we use only the highest quality products from trusted manufacturers to complete every project, including:

  • Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW®)
  • Dow® Automotive Systems
  • Carlite®

Mr. Autoglass & Trim: Complete service list

Car windows are often overlooked in automobile aftercare and detailing because it’s an entirely different service. There’s a lot of things to consider when repairing and taking care of auto glass which requires expert services from workshops like Mr. Autoglass & Trim. 

You can expect our team of technicians to assist you with your auto glass repair needs whenever you require. Our workshop is open 24/7 even on weekends and holidays! 

There’s no problem too daunting for the Autoglass team. Whatever extent the damage is on your windshield, we got you covered with an array of services we can offer you. Rest assured that you can trust our team with your vehicles and we have 35 years of experience to prove it to you. 

Send us a message or give us a call through our official channels on the homepage of this website for your repair needs. We’ll get back to your message as quickly as we can!

What we do at Mr. Autoglass & Trim

There are different services that we can provide you with depending on the damage to your windshield. You can rely on our team to help you with all problems regarding your auto glass. If the damage is too extensive to repair, rest assured that we’d be able to replace it with high-quality glass materials from our inventory. 

Check out the array of services that we can offer for you: 

Windshield repair

Having damages to your windshield is always unexpected and inconvenient. It hinders your ability to see clearly when driving especially when the damage is too extensive. However, not all damages qualify for a complete replacement. At times, a quick touch up can do the job and prolong the life of your windshield. 

Don’t let the damages on your windshield worsen and visit Mr. Autoglass & Trim to get your window repaired! We undergo repairs with the following damages: 

  • The chips and cracks are only six to twelve inches or smaller
  • Your windshields have only six small cracks on it or less
  • The damage does not affect the camera sensor of your car

Why choose to get your windshields repaired? Here are some good reasons why you need to get your windshield repaired when accumulating small damages: 

  • It’s affordable to get your windshield repaired when the damages are still small compared to letting it accumulate before completely replacing it with new auto glass. 
  • Repairs can be done quickly and efficiently especially when the damages are minimal. Here at Mr. Autoglass & trim, we can get your repairs done in under 30 minutes!
  • Getting your windshield cracks repaired as soon as possible extends its life and makes it more durable. This would prevent extensive costs brought about by all-out windshield replacements.
  • Repairs are also backed by warranty depending on your provider. If there are damages to your windshield in the areas we repaired it, you can give us a call and we’ll fix it up for you for free. 

Power window repair

The windows on the side of your vehicle are one of the most active parts of a car. You can open and close these power windows at your convenience which can really take a toll on the material. These easily wears and tears over time and needs to be repaired by an expert here at Mr. Autoglass & Trim. 

Once you spot damages on the power windows, schedule an appointment with us and we’ll handle it with attention and care. Observe your windows if they have the following damages below to qualify for the repair:

  • Stuck power windows caused by mechanical damages on your car doors
  • Slowly rolling windows when opening and closing them
  • Power windows are off track or misplaced
  • Malfunctioning switches 
  • Broken buttons
  • Intermittent functionality

Why do you need your power windows fixed? Here are some of the reasons why these windows need to be fully functional for everyday driving:

  • Power windows are there for your comfort and security. Having the ability to roll these windows up and down can be the difference between comfort and inconvenience. 
  • Wear and tear can often happen to these windows which can affect its use and purpose. Getting these windows touched up by Mr. Autoglass & Trim can prevent worsening damages and increased repair costs in the long run.
  • Damaged mechanisms can also affect your car functions. Get these broken pieces fixed by a professional at our workshop to make your life more convenient. 

Windshield replacement

Even if you’ve taken good care of your vehicle, there will always be a time when your windshield needs to be replaced. It eventually happens especially after a few years of wear and tear. 

Your windshield can accumulate chips and scratches that can pose a danger to your driving. When this happens, schedule an appointment with us at Mr. Autoglass and we’ll take care of replacing your windshield for you! 

Here are the things you can expect from our expert technicians when completely replacing your windshield:

  • Our technicians will walk you through the step-by-step process of windshield replacement to keep you fully informed of the situation. This way, you can instruct our staff for additional requirements you will need on the spot or to immediately correct errors that you’ll spot during the replacement process. 
  • The windshield is made of highly durable materials that will last you for years to come and it will be put in place using quality adhesives that would hold everything together for a long time. Just make sure to schedule routine maintenance and touch-ups to address small damages and help prolong the life of your brand new windshield. 
  • After the installation, all broken glass and debris will be completely vacuumed by our team to make the vehicle safer for driving. 
  • Rest assured that the whole service will be reasonably priced by our team. It won’t come in cheap but our staff will make sure that every penny you cash out is worth your while. 

Side window replacement

Having your side windows broken exposes your car to elemental damages and theft. Patching it up with temporary fixes won’t solve the problem and would only make your car vulnerable. 

When your side windows are exposed, it’s time to bring them to Mr. Autoglass and let our expert technicians work their magic on your car. 

You can expect the following treatment from our team when replacing your side window: 

  • All the damaged windows would be fully replaced by the team through a rigorous process that would be explained to you as they go along. This way you can spot errors as the repairs are being done. Moreover, it’ll be helpful and faster for our staff to make repairs if you explain the causes of the damage in full detail. 
  • For a complete service, the door panels of the damaged windows would completely be removed. It’ll be easier to install the windows quickly when it’s done this way. Don’t worry, your doors would be installed properly without any damages and it won’t affect your car’s warranty. 
  • After the installation, your windows will be tested three times to make sure that everything is in place and working properly. All errors from our end will be corrected immediately without additional charges. 
  • As a finishing touch, the interior of your car would be vacuumed to get rid of small glass pieces and elemental debris. This will help keep you safe from any injuries from unchecked debris and glass residues. 

Rear windshield replacement

Maintaining the rear windshield isn’t too hard especially when it isn’t as exposed window to cracking and chipping compared to the auto glass in front. Small damages wouldn’t really affect the performance of your car. 

However, the rear windshield can also get damaged beyond repair. Your car would be exposed to elemental damages when it breaks down. It’ll also be more vulnerable to theft leaving your valuables open for anyone to take advantage of. 

Prevent this from happening to your car and address the issue as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with Mr. Autoglass & Trim to replace it with a new and more durable windshield. 

You can expect the following customer treatment when opting for this service at our workshop: 

  • Before anything is done, our team of expert technicians will assess the extent of the damage to your rear windshield. Our staff will also take into careful consideration what kind of auto glass material will fit your needs better before continuing with the replacement process. 
  • You’ll be informed with the step-by-step process of removal and installation by one of the team members. If you spot any errors on the installation, you can say it to the team to immediately address the issue on hand. 
  • No matter the extent of the damage, your rear windshield needs to be replaced with a new one. You’ll be given with options that are affordable and high quality. Our staff will walk you through the decision to address your daily driving needs. 
  • All glass and dirt debris in the interior of your car will be vacuumed after the replacement process is completed. This is to ensure your safety inside the vehicle and to prevent any injuries that glass debris can cause.
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